Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cookin' Up Kentucky - Chef Jacob Graves at Lexington Farmer's Market

If you are visiting the Farmer's Market in downtown Lexington I urge you to stop by the COOKIN' UP KENTUCKY booth ably manned by Chef Jacob Graves . There
are several great selections to choose from including crepes , omelets , etc.. One item in particular I recomment is the fried green tomato sandwich with bacon and garlic pesto aoli and great bread. These food offerings are truly signature Kentucky culinary gems and should be tried .

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oaklandcoaster said...

This guy can COOK!! I'm a fan of his food, and recommend the burger and the pork sandwich as well. The burger, actually, I think both, come dressed with fried green tomatoes, and the pork comes with a peach/thyme compote and bleu cheese. It's been a while since I've had it, so that description may not be exact, but it's close.
Don't miss the hot sauce in the squeeze bottle on the table where you order. It packs a punch, but an addictive, delicious one!!
I haven't had much else there, but I've no doubt they're delicious, because this guy knows how to COOK! Love it!!